True Responsibility VS Fake Responsibility (Part 1)~ I Shouldn’t Feel Guilty, Right?

Me : Hello!
Metoo : Oh, hi!
Me : I wanna ask you something…
Me : Ummmm….
Me : There are somethings that keep bothering me in my mind….
Me : There are lots of times when I feel guilty for something that I didn’t do.
Me : I mean…. I feel guilty for something that beyond my control.
Me : It’s kinda weird actually….
Metoo : Oh yeah?
Metoo : Like what?
Me : Well let’s see, when I saw a TV program that show those who in needs and feel so much suffering from their pathetic financial condition. I feel touched.
Me : I feel pity ’bout them. And somehow I feel responsible for them….
Me : It’s weird isn’t it.
Metoo : Yeah…. I think that’s weird… Since you don’t have any control over them, moreover you don’t even have the ‘power’ to fix the problem.
Metoo : Hey, and it was said that ‘great power comes with great responsibility’. And yet you don’t have such power. Therefore… you shouldn’t feel responsible.
Me : Ummmm…. I see.. I see..
Me : Sometimes I keep wondered how could I feel such thing…. I mean… It’s irrational thinking isn’t it?
Metoo : I believe so.
Metoo : Perhaps you got overconfidence and think that you can change everything. But in fact, there’s nothing that you can do to change the situation.
Metoo : You’re suppose to be more realistic you know…. You’ve been living in your own mind for too long, it’s the weakness that you carry, you should have known that.
Me : Yeah… I know. I’ve always been theoretical rather than practical… It’s ain’t something that worth enough to think anyway….
Me : I think I must focus on the task that I’m working on, and be more selfish…
Me : Yeah… let me be little bit more selfish.
Metoo : Very well then, don’t you feel relieved now?
Me : Yeah, thanks.
Metoo : You’re welcome.


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