The Most… The Most… The Most… ~ It’s been fun to be me

I must confess… I do have somewhat unique personality
You know what… There are lots of interesting things inside me
I’ll name some of them…
Mmm… let’s see…
First… from the personality test that I’ve taken I know that I’m categorized in type 5 on enneagram and INTP on MBTI. Both of them is THE MOST introvert type among all.
Second… both of them also THE MOST genius type among all, type 5 is seeking for wisdom, knowledge and skill. And also an INTP has the capability to understand everything that capture their interest.
Third… I love to think everytime… deeply… seriously… Well, it’s two-edged blade however… This is my curse and grace at the same time… Anyway, my mind is my world. Therefore I’m theoretical rather than practical… Yups! I live in my mind.
Fourth… I have somewhat completely different values and tastes… Makes me a weirdo among all of my friend
Fifth… My hobbies and interests are dynamic, it used to be changing every few years but nowadays it even changing every FEW MONTHS!!! And my hobbies and interests are usually unique. I’ll name some of them : Pyrotechnic, explosive, high voltage (THOUSANDS OF VOLTS!), psychology, weapon, parapsychology, astronomy, etc.
Sixth… for me it’s sooooo exhausting to be with another people, especially in a group of large community. But I keep hanging on LOL, well… friends is very important however. Ow, BTW type 5 has been described as a battery since type 5 get exhausted when interacting with another people but then “recharge” themselves and gain their “lost sense” when they’re alone.
Seventh… AFAIK I carry 3 disorders LOL, which are schizotypal, schizoid and paranoid. Well I guess it can’t be helped since type 5 is the one who prone to many disorder. But so far everything is still under control hehe ^^.

See? There are lots of interesting things inside me, and those are just some of them. If I make the complete list there will be no end hehe ^^. while it’s true that everyone is unique but my uniqueness is something that’s hard to compare with anyone else.

Sometimes my uniqueness give me the hard times sometimes it’s give me lots of advantage. However it’s been so fun to be me, and I’m proud of myself. And I do believe that my existence is essential, which mean person like me are indeed very rare in the community but really needed. LOL, just let my head getting bigger and bigger OK!


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