Nge-blog Ria After Mid (#2 Chapter) ~ Ur House Is So Damn Far Away!

I always wondering…
What’s ur house looks like?…
How’s ur family going to treat me?…
Hahaha… I’m thinking too far away didn’t I?

Anyway, in sunday morning I’m trying to find out where the heck is Perum ****martani. So I’m starting to find the location via sattelite image that I can access from Not only that… I also trying to find the shortest path to Perum ****martani, hohoho…

Another story… sunday afternoon… a friend of mine comes to my house. Ah, it was Arif. He told me that we got to make the slide show for the “research week” ASAP, the deadline is tomorrow morning he said. Heuuuuhhh… and I forgot to take the material from PIO’s computer. Darn it!

Soooo… we went to campus, hoping that someone will miraculously bring the key to PIOGAMA. And gosh… we only met with Roes-senpai and TB-senpai, and they’re teaching Chromatography to Ainun-kohai and Ike-kohai. Then we go to see the satpam, we ask whether we can borrow the key to enter the PIOGAMA room or not, and he says that he don’t have the key to enter the PIOGAMA room.

Sheeesshh… Then we have this chit-chat:
Me : Rip, mengko baline lewat Perum ****martani yo.
Arif : Yo, aku boncengi kowe terus bapakmu boncengi ibumu.
Me : Yo, terus sisan gawa keranjang buah-buahan.
LOL together…
Me : Terus gawa kue tar barang.
*As if I’m going to propose you :P*
Arif : Terus de’e ngomong “sapa lo?!!!”
LOL together…


Then we trying to contact anybody who have the key to enter the CRC, but yet there’re no response…

Then we decide to make the slide show the way it is… we’re going to make it at my house… before we going to my house another chit-chat begin…
Me : Piye? Sida ra nganggo “side-trip”?
Arif : Hah? Opo?
Me : “Side-trip”, perjalanan sampingan.
Arif : Edan kowe, adoh lho perumahane. Wis arep udan meneh.
Me : Iyo, iyo, aku yo mung gojek kok. *frankly speaking it’s kinda disappoint me :(*
Me : Suk aku tak ndana dhewe nganggo sepeda wis.
Arif : Yo mengko tak tututi seka mburi.
LOL together…

Back to the real story… time for practicality…
Sunday night… I began to check the map that I got from the internet to find the shortest path to your house… Tuesday morning as I planned, I’m trying the shortest path to UPN Veteran at north ring-road. And it was kinda succesfull, but I found something is missing. It was the Babarsari street. When I hit the Seturan street I found that there’s a way to south, ho? Is it connected to Adisucipto street? Driven by my curiosity on wednesday evening right after the exam I try to check it out. And it was proven to be correct, hohoho… a shorter path. Anyway… I feel a strange feeling when I’m about to enter the Selokan Mataram area… I think I was in euphoria… I love the air… so fresh, soooo breezy… the air before it’s gonna rain. Somehow I can feel the feeling that has been lost for long-loooonng time ago, and it takes me back. Every paddle that makes me closer to your house makes me sooooo happy. Everything is sooooo beautiful at that time…

And then… here we come to the final step… before you go to find someone house you gotta have some clue rite? So here’s the clue that I have:

  1. Your house is at g**** r*** street Perum ****martani. I got it from the academic information center at Too bad that it won’t gave you any detailed information anymore. Now it will only give you name, the origin of scholl, the academic program , and the academic year of the college student.
  2. Did you know that you can see every picture that someone else upload to photobucket? If you have a link to the picture that someone else has been uploaded to photobucket, then all you need to do is to change the name of the picture with ‘?’ and paste it to the address tab. Ex. there’s link to my picture at , now if you change the name of the file with ‘?’ = you can view all of the picture that I’ve uploaded. And you know what? I found a picture of the outside view from your house that was taken from the window with jalousie on higher ground. Which mean that I can find your house much easier, no sweat.
  3. I use the to find the way from the UPN Veteran crossroad then to Concat then to Perum ****martani… gosh, it wasn’t the detailed map that I got. So I got to find the way by myself. If my instinct and calculation is wrong I would have reach the wrong road, since I’ve never reach that place before.

Preparation is set, the plan is perfect *perhaps???*, stamina ready, and I’m crazy enough to do this. Thursday morning 08.00 am I depart from my house, it is behind JEC if you don’t know. Paddling my bike slowly trough the Janti street, a little bit Adisucipto street, Seturan street, finally I hit the north ring-road street. Now my navigation skill is going to be tested hohoho… before I reach the “Perum ****martani” I must get through the Perum Concat, and the problem is there’re so much of crossroad. Every turn that I take is crucial, but you know what? I made it on my 1st try hohoho… you must admit that I surely have exceptional skills in navigation. The funny thing is I keep saying to myself “I must be out of my mind, I must be out of my mind, I must be out of my mind…” over and over when I get through the Perum Concat LOL.

And then… Perum ****martani, ready or not here I come! When I reach that place, first thing first is to ask where the heck is the damn G**** r*** street. There’s a small shop at the edge of the street, so I ask to the owner of the small shop “Bu, jalan G**** r*** dimana ya?”, then she ask to other people “Eh jalan G**** r*** itu yang sebelah sana bukan?” but then the people that she ask don’t know, because she’s not living in here. How come she’s the one who live in here ask to someone who doesn’t live in here… jeezzzz, that’s lame. Then the owner of the small shop says “Ooohh, ini mas ikutin aja jalannya ini luruuuuss terus. Khan jalannya pake nama ikan semua tuh, ntar ada kok mas jalan G**** r*** . Inget mas luruuuuuss terus, gak usah belok-belok.”, then I replied “Oh ya bu, makasih.” Then I continue to paddling my bike up up and away… There are K**** r*** street, G****** r*** street but I just can’t find G**** r***, what I can find is just G**** I, G**** II, G**** III, and so on. I keep padling, then I pass the bridge and I feel something is weird. Where the heck are the houses? Then I look back… wait a second, Isn’t that the church on topmost of the Perum ****martani that I saw in wikimapia? Holy shit, I’m out of Perum ****martani area already! Someone is making mistake for sure. Jeezzz… gotta turn back.

Sigh… time to find a more reliable information source… Then I found an old man who seems to be has been living here for a very long time. I ask him “Pak jalan G**** r*** dimana ya?”, then he replied “oh kesana lurus terus nanti ada belokan kanan pertama, nah itu jalan l*** lalu terus nanti ada belokan kanan lagi, nah itu jalan G**** r***. Jaraknya sekitar 300 meter dari sini” clearly. Then I said “Oh, gitu, makasih ya pak!”, “sama-sama” that old man replied.

About 300 meter from the place I asked the oldman I found a street with a sign says “G****”, mmmm… though I found no “r***” on that sign I believe that this is the real stuff. I paddling my bike slowly… wondering which one your house is… I keep trying to match the picture in my head with my surrounding… then in the middle of that street I found some guys who working as house-builder. I ask one of ’em, “Mas apa betul ini jalan G**** r***?”, then he got confused… one of his friend comes and ask “ada apa?” then he replied “ini jalan G**** r*** bukan ya?”, then his friend replied “Oh iya mas ini jalan G**** r***”. “Oooohh, gitu makasih ya mas, mari maaass..”. I continued paddling my bike slowly then I found the house with green roof above it, then I saw the dark blue house on the west side of that house, I’m looking at the upper part of that house and there’s a window with jalousie on it. Hohoho… found you! So that’s ur house, the condition surround ’em is just like in the picture that I got. And whoa, to my surprise your house is so big. The east side of your house is painted in dark blue and the front side of your house is painted in white. There’s a car on the garage too, with some part of it sticking out to the street. I forgot what is the colour of your car, because I don’t have time to remember everything. Wondering when I can see you and your beautiful face in front of ur house. Ah, I’m looking forward to that.

After that I continue my trip to campus, through the road between the rice field and your house. To the Concat bus terminal, back to north ring road, taking shorcut through the Nusa Indah street on the left side of ring-road street, are you using this shortcut too? If you don’t then you better use this path since this way is much shorter than Jakal you know, and also there will be no traffic jam in this street. Then I enter the UGM area and And to my surprise I reach the campus at 10.00 am. Ho? 2 hours of trip? What a trip…

Kinda tired yeah… but I feel happy and contented ^^

PS : Mas Roes dilarang keras memberi komen yang aneh-aneh!


7 thoughts on “Nge-blog Ria After Mid (#2 Chapter) ~ Ur House Is So Damn Far Away!

  1. @tee :
    lagi? udah lama kaleeeee… hehe ^^

    o’o… aku ketahuan… (lagunya Matta band)

    @Mas Roes :
    Bukan pertamax mas! Secara komen dah tak set approve jk dah pernah diapp, dan ternyata dah ada yg komen duluan dan blm kuapp

    hetrix? opo kuwi?

  2. hetrix means HATTRICK, scored three times, bro!^^

    anyway, that’s quiet a crazy story, bro.. i can’t imagine how strong you are, from J*C to ****martani with only a bicycle!!

    you sure strong, bro, keep padding!!! LoL

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