The Story Behind My Revenge ~ Just Wanna Coloring Ur Day ^^

I knew from the buletin that u post that u love surprise rite?
I think the fact that I can find ur house by myself already shocked u to death LOL.
But wait a second… That’s not just it, I’ll show u the story behind my revenge hehe ^^

Ready or not… here’s the chronology…

OK, on wednesday night, I slept from 8 pm to 00 am. Hmm… Soon as I woke up I got my dinner and had my Isya’ praying because I was too tired and too sleepy to do such stuff before I went to slept. Then after I finish those things I told my pop that I’m going to his office to be in touch with the cyber world. U might be surprised how do I got my pop’s permission so easily in midnight, but yes… it’s a piece a cake for me… No, it’s unlike that my pop and my mom don’t care ’bout me. I simply have my full trust from my parents. My parents know how honest I can be, besides they know that I’m the kind of guy who go out for certain reason, not the one that go out for “alasan-yang-gak-jelas-yang-mengarah-pada-kenakalan-remaja”.

As I planned… at 0.30 am I began to surf here and there to get what I want. Fs? Ah, its a must! So I began to check what’s new… mmm… and I saw ur comment, it was ur reply comment for my comment which ask u to find the better abbreviation for my name. And… WTF! U gave me an even more sarcastic abbreviation! FYI I do love to fantasizing ’bout romance stuff LOL. Then… I told u to wait for my revenge via fs comment…

On thursday morning… Ah… I got late on my lab work at Biofarmasetika…
And gosh… I was such in a rush that I forgot to bring my unfinished Tekkim’s report that should be finished yesterday. Sigh… then I told Hari and and Wa’ that I’ll return to my home to take the damn report. I remember that I haven’t print the psychrometrics chart that I’ve got from the internet last night. So I go to PIO to print the chart, while I’m printing the chart I also check my fs to see whether u’ve already reply my comment or not. And I saw that u replied my comment already, “I’ll be waiting” u said.

Hmm… then I return to the lab with the psychrometric chart on my hand. I only met Hari and Diah on the lab, then Hari said “Lah belum pulang to dif?”, “Oh, aku tadi baru ngeprint Psychrometric chart di PIO. Masih ada waktu nggak?” I replied, “Ini masih nunggu 1 jam lebih kok, pulang aja dulu sana” He said, Then I replied “OK”. Lucky me… it was the P1 that I’m working on, which doesn’t need complicated stuff like taking blood, centrifuging the liquid, extracting the blood, and so on. All we have to do is just wait and wait then analyze it with spectrophotometer, hence I can return to home.

This is the third time I return to my house from my campus twice in a single day. Excessive luggage will definitely get in the way. So I return with nothing but my wallet and my flash disk in my pocket, it’ll get in the way if I got my backpack on my back… So.. on my way to home I keep thinking and thinking, what kind of revenge should I gave to u? Then I got this crazy idea hoho… I think it’ll be very funny if I scratch ur picture with my fancy Photoshop 7.0.

As I planned… as soon I got home I’m turning on my compie. Then as my compie began to boot, I’m looking for my damn unfinished Tekkim report. Then soon after I insert my damn unfinished Tekkim report to a plastic bag I launch my fancy Photoshop 7.0.

Then I chose one of the pict from our Decocta, then I edit it as quick as possible coz I don’t have time to waste since my friends waiting for me in the lab. Oh, BTW I feel so hungry so I eat 2 “Tahu Bacem” with chili while editing ur pict, mmm… it’s so delicious *gak penting banget sumpah!*. After I finised scratching ur pict, I send it to my flash disk so I can upload it.

Then soon after I finished I return to campus swiftly. Can i made it in time? FYI it tooks me 30 minute to return to home, plus 20 minute to edit ur pict, and last is 45 minute to return to campus. Sum it all and u got 1 hour 35 minute… Come to think about it I haven’t study enough for post-test with Mr. Riswaka. The thing that I’m afraid the most is that my friends finished our lab work already, then they’re waiting for me impatiently to proceed with the post-test. While me… I haven’t study enough… I’m afraid that Mr. Riswaka will scolding me aloud coz I can answer none of his question. But then… lucky enough… My friends still standing in the line for the spectrophotometer. Fiuuuhh… And that’s not the only one luckiness that I got. When we’re having a post-test with Mr. Riswaka, he don’t asking us at all, he simply explaining how to calculate the concentration of drug and how to calculate the dissolution rate of the drug.

After I finished with my lab work, I go to PIO to give u the pict via comment haha. And as u can see, my scratch is pretty artistic huh? For me to be forgotten to bring my report and to be able to execute my revenge succesfully… is this fate? Hahaha… once again I’m thinking too far away didn’t I?

P.S. Baru nyadar ya kalo kamu bisa jelek? Wakakakakakakak…

5 thoughts on “The Story Behind My Revenge ~ Just Wanna Coloring Ur Day ^^

  1. That was very smart and funny
    I have one to theres some kid at my school who thinks he all that and pushes me around so in his jacket pocket he carroes gum around so in that one I put ketchup in it from the cafteria and in the other I put fungies powder in it which can sting with cuts which he had on that hand took me a while to do it but I was able it took time and the right time.
    The best part he never found out

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