So This Is It… ~ New Life… Through Life… Back to the Old Life…

00.45 am, I met Metoo at bar…

Metoo : Yo!
Metoo : Long time no see…
Me : Yo…
Metoo : So how you’re doing?
Me : Right now I’m fine…
Me : Lots of confusion though
Metoo : Oh yeah?
Metoo : Want some drink?
Me : No thanks… I don’t drink…
Metoo : So… what’s the matter?
Me : Lately my mood is so ruined
Me : It felt so weird…
Me : It was the first time in my life ever that my mood was so bad
Metoo : Is it about her?
Me : Maybe…
Me : Maybe some bad medicine too…
Metoo : Maybe you gotta try this medicine *pointing to his beer with his finger*
Me : Hey, I told you didn’t I? I don’t drink
Metoo : Hahaha… C’mon… don’t take it seriously.
Me : Sorry…
Me : Maybe… its because I’m not so busy anymore
Me : May…
Metoo : Wait a second! Not busy anymore?
Metoo : What the hell is that supposed to be mean?
Me : You see… When you getting used to with busy situation, and then suddenly you’re not busy anymore… you’ll feel like something is missing. It is such a weird feeling you know.
Metoo : Where the hell did you hear that shit?
Me : It is ain’t shit, and I heard it from Roes-senpai and TB-senpai
Me : And it is proven to be correct, I’ve proved it by myself
Metoo : Yeaaa yeaaa…
Me : Hey, are you drunk? *staring at Metoo*
Me : Sheeesshh… talking to you is no use then…
Metoo : Hey, at least I’m listening here…
Metoo : Anyway… since when is your mood get ruined?
Me : Mmm… dunno, I think it was when the holiday about to be over…
Me : Wait a minute… come to think about it…
Metoo : *Drinking the beer*
Metoo : What?
Me : Yeah… I think its about her…
Me : I’ve told you that I’m in lots confusion before haven’t I?
Metoo : Yeah… so?
Me : I don’t know whether my feeling is still there…
Me : Unlike I used to be, I’m not so bothered in chasing her anymore…
Metoo : Falling out love, didn’t you?
Me : I don’t know, that’s why I’m saying that I’m confused.
Me : One thing for sure… the passion is gone…
Metoo : Another person?
Me : Nope!
Metoo : How come?
Me : What?
Metoo : The passion?
Me : As if I know?
Me : Maybe because I don’t think she’s gonna need me anymore.
Metoo : What?
Me : Its kinda funny actually…
Me : You see… I was began to fall for her since I read her blog…
Me : Its fun not just to know that out there there are someone that alike, but also to know that you’re needed.
Metoo : You are weeiiirrdd…
Me : Not really, there are so many guys out there who prefer spoiled girl.
Me : And you know why? It is because man like to be needed.
Metoo : I’ve heard that somewhere…
Me : John Gray’s book
Metoo : Ah, of course.
Metoo : Are you sure that’s the cause of your love.
Me : Well… I tell you some weird fact, everytime I knew she was sad my passion grow, as if I’m trying to protect her. Stupid huh?
Metoo : Yeah… more than that, you’re an IDIOT!
Me : Thanks, the point is since she rarely saying that she’s gonna need shoulder to lean on now. I think now she is way much mature than before. She is strong enough to face the future now.
Metoo : Ain’t that too much?
Me : Well… lately she rarely complain about her life, and she’s seem to be happy with her life now, maybe…
Metoo : Soooo… errr… no future?
Me : I don’t wanna walk with no passion, so yes, there are no future…
Metoo : Are you sure?
Me : Except if god can change my heart, yes I’m sure
Me : Right now I feel alone is good enough
Me : I used to always feel something is missing if I always alone, but not anymore…
Me : BTW, I feel kinda thirsty…
Me : Mas minta kopi susu *talking to bartender*
Bartender : Haha, disini gak ada kopi sama susu mas… kalo air mineral gimana?
Me : Ya udah deh air mineral aja gak papa.
Bartender : *giving the bottle of mineral water*
Me : Makasih ya mas
Bartender : Sama-sama
Me : Lets continue our conversation…
Me : Hey! WAKE UP! *shaking Metoo’s body*
Metoo : Aahh…
Me : I just talking to the bartender for a while and you got slept already? Geezzz…
Metoo : Sorry…
Me : Anyway, I think if we’re just friend is good enough *opening the bottle*
Metoo : Are you sure?
Me : Such proximity is enough…
Me : Hey, at least I’m not trying to forget her and avoid her. And the most important thing is at least she’s not my enemy and she doesn’t assume me as her enemy hahaha… *recalling the past*
Metoo : Mmm… fair enough, but become just her friend after all you did to her. That will be tough.
Me : glug glug *drinking the water*
Me : It can’t be helped, that’s the best option… for now
Me : *looking at the cellphone* Whops! 1.45 already, time to go home
Metoo : That fast?
Me : Hey, I gotta reflux for 12 hours tomorrow, so I got to save my stamina.
Me : See ya!
Metoo : See ya! Be careful OK!
Me : OK!

PS : fuck me…


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