We’re Not Alike! ~ This Is My Promise… For Myself…

It’s true…
We’re carrying lots of similarities…
U & I…
U and I are at the same laziness
U and I are proscastinator
U and I are kinda stubborn, though I’m more open-minded than u
U and I are the same level on workshop skill
U and I are lack in self-control capability

But u… u have a big ego, and ur ego is so fragile, while I’m not!
U don’t have any idea in “efficiency in every small thing”, and I’m applying efficiency in every stuff
U love to lie, while I hate lies in first place!
U’re cholericsanguine while I’m phlegmaticsanguine
U love to blabbering about urself and I don’t
Sometimes when things got wrong, u always looking for someone to blame, u don’t always need to find someone to blame when thing goes wrong. Sometimes the situation is out of control, and there’s nothing that we can do.
And it always pissing me off when u don’t wanna be blamed for every mistake that u’ve made… Can’t u say “I’m sorry, I’m making a mistake”? U can’t even say “Hey, I’m making a mistake” don’t u?
Yet… U always yelling at me when I’ve don’t something wrong, well… it’s okay, but it’ll pissing me off when u’re using some lame reason! At least think before u speak!

And in my eyes… frankly speaking, u’re look childish despite ur age is much older than mine, the only advantage that u have is only ur experience. But seems like u grow so slow, it is as if I almost surpass u…

U knew so much about me yet u know nothing at all about me at the same time… But I… I can read through u, u’re so easy to read…

Too bad that we got to meet everyday, aahhh… I’m looking forward to get my job, get a wife and having my own house, so we won’t meet everyday…

And now… I won’t show my hatred and resentment to u, coz GOD teach me not to… All I wanna do is… erase our resemblance…

Thus… I make a promise to myself… “From now on, There’ll be no resemblance between u and me. So I can take a giant leap, in order to cheer my crying ‘Ibu Pertiwi’. Beside… I DON’T WANT ANY PEOPLE SAY THAT WE’RE ALIKE! WE’RE NOT ALIKE!”

I’m sorry… I’m sorry for my hatred and resentment… Moreover, to use my hatred and resentment to reach the best of me

8:40 am – June 3rd 2008

Kalau bukan karena jasa-jasamu selama ini, aku sudah memberimu sumpah serapah berkali-kali!

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