Heaven In The Morning ~ Don’t Take It Seriously Fellas :p

I woke up in the morning, taking a subuh prayer, then I making the bed until it become pretty neat. After that, I took my netbook inside my backpack, open it, turn it on. My mind is so serene, what a rare and thankful state it is. When my netbook is ready I open some file about drug discovery’s prediction for the next twenty years, it is a 24 pages of powerpoint slide. Then at some point I read about the drug discovery’s history, about how useful virtual screening is. Pharmacophore, QSAR, Docking, CADD, like words from heaven, then suddenly I feel like in heaven. I can hear the music of heaven ringing in my ears, the sound of water splash from heaven hazy in my ears.

Whoa, so this is heaven… then suddenly I feel kinda dizzy, my stomach is grumbling. Come to think of it I haven’t take a breakfast, it is not good to read some heavy stuff when you haven’t take a breakfast. Then the music of heaven fading away… And I’m taking my breakfast. End of story.

April 22, 2010


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