Let Me Show You My Nothingness… ~ Everyone Is Equal, That’s What I Believe, And That’s what I Want Everyone to Believe

Darkness, Joy, Future and Nothingness. That’s the four principal that I’ve emphasized to myself lately due to some weaknesses that I have. But I’m not going to explain every each of them. I just wanna explain my Nothingness. Nothingness means that everyone of us is actually nothing, we are just what we are. Nothingness is just the representative of our own spiritual self. No matter what you are, a student, a teacher, a president, a director, a CEO, a farmer, a teller, an officer, you are just a human. We are all basically equal, why? Because each of us have each of our own advantage and disadvantage. No matter how much of the advantage that you have you will have the equal quality and quantity of disadvantage, thus you are zero. Do you know the law of sacrifice? “For everything you get you will lose another thing, and for anything you miss you will get another thing” (I forgot who write this). Advantage will always comes with disadvantage, that is not something that I need to prove, you are the one who need to prove it yourself.

When I’m using my nothingness, that means that I must learn to control my ego. That is the same as saying I’m not my skill, I’m not my money, I’m not my cloth, I’m not my friend, I’m not my cellphone, I’m not my parents, I’m not my appearance, I am not my successes, I am not my failure, I am just who I am. No Label, No Association.

My value is not defined by something that I Have, but by things that I’ve Done for myself and for my environment. How useful am I? That’s the question that I need to ask to myself when I want to define my value.

I apply my nothingness in every possible way, mostly when I’m trying to judge people’s value by people’s level of intellectuality. Sometimes when I see people give some bad explanation about certain phenomenon I begin to see that people disrespectfully. Then I begin to value that people as lower than me. Then I remember my nothingness, that I shouldn’t judge people by something that they have, but by how useful someone is.

Another place to apply my nothingness is in the studying process, when someone teach another. When I’m as the student, I always place myself at the equal place as my teacher, what title that he/she have it doesn’t matter to me. Humble when receiving, brave when correcting or adding. Sometimes It is kinda troublesome when I meet someone who teach me need to be valued higher, people with high ego. There are people that when we give a lesson back/ give some correction to his/her lesson it will injure his/her pride. Then it comes worse when that person won’t admit our correction and that person think that we are an arrogant person. Now understand how Linus Pauling feel, there are people who think that he is humble, but there are also people that think that he is arrogant. That’s all happen because Linus Pauling treats all people equally. Now what if I put myself into the position of a teacher, I will keep doing the same, I place myself at the equal place as my students. I’m no better than them nor that they better than me. If my students teach a valuable lesson that’s great, I have added another lesson to my brain and my pride won’t be scratched at all. And when they make a mistake, I shouldn’t be laughing.

Everyone is equal, that is what I believe, and that is what I want everyone to believe…

April 23, 2010

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