After I’m trying to search the papers and the books that my friend use as their reference for their thesis for few weeks I begin to feel that it is hard to find them one by one. Today I just realize that there are a lot of papers in my room that is turn out to be the papers that I am looking for! Geezz… they’re just lying there and I’ve taken them for granted…

But it does makes me aware, that it is important to understand our real resource and our real capacity. Most of the time in our life we often overlook our ability, we use them over and over and see them casually. We never appreciate them! On the other hand, everytime we do some shit we see it as a terrible mistake. It is no different than the mass media, when people do something good they don’t see anything special, and when they see something bad they often exaggerate the news. Those kind of thing is what makes us think that things are worse than they look.

Now I need to pay attention to every little good things that I’ve done, so I can understand the real me, appreciate myself more, and to appreciate what God have bestowed upon me more. Besides, it is not good to fool yourself around right?

July 01, 2010