To Converge ~ Top Down Approach VS Bottom Up Approach

Lately I just realized, that the time “when I begin to understand Ideal VS Practical” was still nothing, I was still far away from real life. I just knew that it is still hard to gain the practicality since I’m still attached strongly to my ideal side.

The achievement? There are no achievement!

Simply because I always trying to reach the peak as fast as I can, trying to escape from any flaw as possible. The end result? Nothing! Foolish attempt!

I just realize that it’s been hard for me to accept flaws in any of my works. You can even tell that from my pedantic habit.

To accept my work AS IS, that’s the theme of this story. It goes without saying that I was always always always start it from the wrong point. Now I realize, that (FOR ME) THE ONE AND ONLY WAY to do it is simply by making simple work, with flaw here and there, accept it the way it is. And then adding the patch here and there, little by little, until it is pretty good enough to bring content to my soul (and other’s too maybe).

Forget about making Masterpiece, forget about making something big and great! Stop those bullshit and crap! Every masterpiece always start from their humble beginning!

Start something small, and make it better and better as the time walk on!

I’ve been always learn to accept other the way they are, but I’ve never learn to accept myself and my works the way it is. I need to learn to forgive myself and my work, to accept the flaws in my works yeah…

I’ll converge my world, bottom up, from ‘down to earth’ to ‘head in the cloud’.

December 6th, 2010

Muhammad Radifar

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