Google-translated ~ Sumpah Ane Ngakak Gan!!! =))

Mencoba-coba meng-google-translate salah satu postingan ane, dan berikut hasilnya:

PST’05 O my friends who I love and proud, although I as Paketu not asked to write the words to fill the pages in a book of this force, but I feel less comfortable if they do not give the words of farewell.

O my friends PST’05 a handsome-handsome and beautiful, first of all, I as Paketu want to apologize for all my mistake in managing all forms PST’05 resources in both the tangible and the intangible. And I also represent the union cabinet PST’05 (From the vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer until a photographer copy) apologize if there is negligent / blemish in our ministry, said people in the other hemisphere “Well there’s no such thing as uncracked ivory. “.

My friends … Or perhaps more accurately, my Brothers & Sisters, we have been through a lot together both in the classroom, in laboratories, in parks, or outside the campus. From the lecture is boring, broken stuff in the lab, copy-paste the report, while doing almost the deadline, the forward presentation and slaughtered, lost (rather misled) in the forest, Jualan parcel, stop-stop by the Industry. It’s all just a small piece of our precious moments, moments that have united us all into a big family. What is family? The family did not have to have a blood relationship, the actual family bound by love. Where love it arise? It turns out that love arises by itself when we are sharing … sharing time, feelings, stories, energy, snacks, a sheaf of papers, inks, ears, mouth, pulse, and many other things we have shared. By eliminating class barriers, materials, religion, culture and lineage eventually we can come together in one container, namely PST’05.

I feel very grateful, although in each group has its culture respectively, from group 1 funny and humble, group 2 is fun yes, yes and academic organization should do, group 3 is full of elite people (especially Prof. Dunker), and the last group 4 of Unity in Diversity as well as compact as right or wrong, but apparently it is not divide us all as one unit. We are sorry for all this love and my attention is not divided equally among all classes, knowing that I was positioned in group 4.

Lastly, I want to thank the sebesarbesarnya to the family who had participated PST’05 united in maintaining the unity, sovereignty and unity PST’05. Do not forget I told to all, do not forget the time we are together, when love and sorrow … I’m gonna miss you all Brothers … Sisters …


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