Good Friend Should Know… ~ Coz Your Box Doesn’t Fit For Everyone :p

Repost from my status on Facebook, with slight modification (or should I say fix?)


Everyone have their own start, their own goal and their own path.

Let me elaborate this for you my judging-loving friend.
Each one of us born and grow with different amount of mental function growth rate. Now, say, your best mental function allows you to follow the latest technology breakthrough likes computer, gadgets, scanner, gamepad, or whatever it is. On the other hand your friend, A, his best mental function allows him to play around with languages, language is just a second nature to him and he is also very fluent in 8 different languages. And then there’s also B, her best mental function allows her to play music in such an extraordinary way, she could play a music with her instrument of choice only by listening to the music that she wanna play. So now, you want them to understand latest gadgets like you do? You expect them to understand completely how to use a computer? How would you feel if they expecting you to be able to understand many languages and able to use some music instruments?

You can’t judge people by one, two, or three things that people do, that’s not only shallow but also unfair, let me repeat for you, it is UNFAIR. And I believe that you don’t wanna be judged that way. A good friend will just give an advice, not judging. A good friend will let their friend make the choice and support them whatever their choice is.

All in all, differences are good, just leave it be, don’t put others in your box :)

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