Constraint ~ Only Second to Darkness…

It’s been almost 4 years since the first time I added 4 main principles to my world, those are Darkness, Joy, Future, and Nothingness. After these years those 4 principles earn their place in my world, almost completely integrated and thus I can use them pretty much easily. And it goes without saying that each of those principles giving such a massive impact to my world. The reason why do I add those principles was to overcome some of my great weaknesses and to attain a higher speed to achieve my goal and ambition.

And now that I found another of my great weaknesses I decided to add another 4 main principles, but so far I can only find two candidates, the first one is Proactive, and the second one is Constraint. The reason why do I need to add Proactiveness into my character is because in these past 2 months I realized that I’m not proactive enough to change the course of my life and my future. I realized that I’m actually strong enough but never really try to change them despite of the fact that I’m willing to. The second one, Constraint, I believe will give the greatest impact on my life, second to Darkness. Why? Because like Darkness, Constraint is the exact opposite of my nature. While Darkness balancing my naturally strong Light that I carry since I was born, the Constraint will balancing my extreme affinity to freedom. I believe that by adding Constraint I could gain the professionalism and practicality that I’m pretty much longing for recently.

As for the other two, I haven’t found them yet… Well, time will tell…


July 22nd, 2012

Muhammad Radifar

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