Zalihae ~ Digging The (Bitter) Truth :(

They make me envy, oh yes they do… At first I found their recent publication about protein simulation from a certain microorganism. Then about two weeks later as I keep investigating about “that” protein I found another paper from the same group, telling that they found a brand new microorganism, and that organism is the very same organism that produce the protein that’s being simulated. Ah, that’s cool, 2007 they published their finding of the microorganism by screening that microorganism from certain place, then in 2012 they publish the simulation of the protein from that microorganism. And I found that in between they publish few research on “that” protein from that microorganism.

Then I realize my stupidity, “wait a minute” I say, “Shouldn’t they have the crystal structure in order to simulate that protein?”. Or else they have to build a protein model with homology modeling, but in the recent paper they didn’t mention anything about homology modeling. Then I read it more carefully then I found that the protein crystal structure from that microorganism has been solved! Then I checked the PDB just to be shocked by the truth that the crystal structure was solved/published in 2007! What the fuck is going on in here?! Not only that I was shocked, but I was so jealous and ashamed! They’re our neighbor and we’re left behind that much? :(

Forget about them, lets pay attention to India. Just watch how many paper and advance they have made in biotechnology, biochemistry, drug delivery, and medicinal chemistry in this decade!

This is so sad… This is just so sad… :(

And here I stood, just a nobody who could do nothing for his beloved Nation… Well I’m still trying and doing my best here, hope that one day I have the power to rise my country against this era of stupidity and recklessness… Hope yeah, hope is the only luxury I have right now…


Bantul, October 28th, 2012

Muhammad Radifar


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