About Me


My name is Muhammad Radifar, my friends always call me Radif, for the record my last name is not my family name. By the time I write this (April 2010) I’m almost 23 years old. I’m a college student at Pharmaceutical Department of Gadjah Mada University Indonesia. I live at the suburban area of Yogyakarta city it is on Java island next to Bali island if you want to find it.

Some people think I’m mad, some other think I’m genius, others think I’m a freak. Well that’s what other think. I’m type 5 (with both wing balanced) in Enneagram and INTP type on MBTI test. Which mean that I love to spend my time alone and stay in my most comfort place… my own mind. But it’s unlike that I always spend my time alone. The activity that I love the most when I’m with my friend is going outdoor, going to the mountain, the cave, the waterfall, the beach, and many others. I also love to play table tennis with my friends.

I put a lot of interest in science, I especially love it when science from different discipline mix up in one place. Some discpline that I love like Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer and Math turn out to mix well in the place where I take my Bachelor degree. In fact, there are many course in Pharmaceutical majors that interdisciplinary like Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Physics (a.k.a Physical Chemistry), Medicinal Chemistry, Immunology and many others. Interdisciplinary science that I put my most interest to are Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicinal Chemistry (especially on Computational chemistry and Computationally-Aided Drug Discovery).

Besides all of that, I also interested in Psychology, Environment, Parapsychology, and Programming language. Right now I’m studying few programming language simultaneously like Bash, PHP, Tcl/Tk and Python. The reason why I pick those language is because I need some easy language that makes my research and my future research going smoothly. With bash I can automate numerous task, Tcl/Tk is vital in using some program like VMD & NAMD for example. PHP and Python is very nescessary for data processing. My study scope in programming language are mostly in the area of processing datas and presenting them, database management and networking.

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18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. @danasatriya

    ma’aaaaapp masih belum sempet, udah ada rencana sih. Ntar kalo udah tak kasih tau.

    @nyonya Farid

    hehe ^^ gak papa

    Iya saya temennya Imuz, lebih tepatnya saya temen satu kampusnya Imuz.

  2. blog walking…
    salam kenal mas,,ternyata ada jg anak farmasi yang blogging,,biasanya cm fs an doang…hahaa

    oiya saya santo dr farmasi ui 2005
    blog sy: santo86.wordpress.com

  3. phytooonn……… :(
    maafkan aku..lupa ultahmu kemaren :'(

    btw selamat ulang tahun (meskipun telat sebulan)… kapan kt bs berkumpul? hehheheeee

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